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    The family that trains together, stays together
    So who is running this thing?

    I'm a 35 year old blue belt with a love of all things Jiu-jitsu. When I am not on the mat, I am thinking about leverage and that new Gi I just saw on that deal site.

    My whole family trains- 2 grey belts ages 9 and 6 and my wife (the lonely white belt) train several times a week.The 2 year old has a pink belt in being bossy.

    Why The Grappler's Toolbox?

    The Grappler's toolbox was born out of necessity. If you have ever had to run into the drugstore in search of overpriced athletic tape in spats and a rashguard- you know the pain all to well. Everyone stared at me, and I ended up being late for class. Sure, I looked like a super hero....but it was cold, and the athletic tape sucked.

    So my wife and I set out to gather together the essentials. The things that you SHOULD be carrying around in your gym bag. Stuff that is safe for use on the mat. Stuff that is made by other martial artists. Stuff that is good for our planet. And we wanted to save you precious time and money. Enjoy!

    Where do the proceeds go?

    All the profits for the Grappler's Toolbox will go towards starving white belts in Texas. Ok maybe a blue belt, a white belt, 2 grey belts and a baby. So, me. Thank you for your business- and for supporting the jiu-jitsu community. Always buy from a fellow practitioner whenever possible. Keep it real .