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When you sign up for The Grappler's Toolbox, every month you will receive a box of carefully selected products and presents. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a good cause (ie. the training of my kids)

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Be prepared, like a martial arts boy scout.

Your gym bag says a lot about your jiu-jitsu game.

- Forgot your belt (again): when the pressure is on, you are going to hand over your arm to that hungry purple belt in the corner. You crack under pressure, and forget the most basic of moves. It won't be pretty.

-Forgot your athletic tape: your toe is a little swollen and purple, Damn, I could have sworn I had a roll of tape in here somewhere. Oh well, maybe I should just stay home today and watch jiu-jitsu videos on youtube.

-Your Gi Stinks. No one wants to roll with you. When it comes time to pick partners, everyone is averting their eyes hoping that you don't pick them. I know you ran out of the good soap again and had to use your girlfriends, but it's flowery and doesn't clean mat stink off your gear.

-You smell like old lady. Should have tapped sooner with that spazzy white belt. Now your shoulder is aching and you are forced to use that horrible smelling muscle rub from your grandma's medicine cabinet. That's cool, you like it when your girl makes you sleep on the couch. It gives you more time to think about jiu-jitsu.

Don't be that guy! (or girl)

The Grappler's Toolbox was designed to help you get your act together. We put all the essentials in one convenient box, delivered right to your door, each and every month. Suddenly, you are the guy that lends his instructor tape when it comes time to issue stripes. Maybe he will give you one for having your act together. Well done. Well done.

Start Your Box Today!

Grappling/Martial Arts essentials delivered to your door each month- no fuss, no muss. You can focus on doing what you love- which is training!

Never worry about buying Gi soap, muscle rubs, athletic tape and other essentials again. We have you covered. Plus a cool surprise in each box.

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